Gerry Hanrahan,
Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Fighting for the Rights of Injured Workers

for More Than 30 Years.

“I know you’re hurting physically, emotionally and financially. Now that you can’t work, my job is to fight like hell and make things right.”

“I had a first of its kind in New Mexico occupational disease case.  I was fortunate to find Gerry Hanrahan and his firm to represent me.  Throughout the lengthy and complicated process, his comprehension on the law was clear, his efforts on my behalf relentless, and his concern for the wellbeing of myself and my family obvious.  I cannot imagine successfully navigating a workers compensation claim without someone of his caliber as my advocate.”  ~ F. DiLuzio

“Excellent workers’ compensation attorney.  Gerry and his staff are very professional and genuinely care and actively work with their clients.  Gerry is will versed in the workers’ compensation laws.  I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs help with their workers’ compensation claim.” ~ G. Lopez